MICHTER’S 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


    Michter’s 10 is a whiskey phenomenon, one of the finest single barrel bourbons to surface in Kentucky and a powerhouse of balance, harmony and complexity. Bringing an abundance of sweetness and earthiness, the flavor of Michter’s 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon harks back to the early techniques used by Michter’s master distillers and is exceptionally refined and undeniably robust. With a dark caramel, molasses-like color and mouthfeel akin to butter, as well as smooth toffee and vanilla on the palate, this is a remarkable bourbon whiskey that must be tasted to be believed. Resurrected after going into administration in the late 80s, today Michter’s produces some of the finest bourbon and rye whiskeys on the planet.

    Beverage type: Bourbon Whiskey
    Alcohol Level: 47.2%
    Bottle size: 750ml bottle Single
    Product Origin: Kentucky
    Expert Rating: 90
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